The Norwegian Joy is in port today here in Acapulco.  This picture was taken from the Terrace of our King Size Kitchennette Suite here at Casa Giovanna Acapulco.

This has been a busy week here at Casa Giovanna Acapulco. The week started with a visit from Jimmie (Entrepreneur) and Jessica (Gourmet Chef) and they shared their French Onion Soup with me. (Happy ME!) These are 2 amazing people that share of themselves so selflessly. They spent time volunteering at Salvation Army Acapulco Children's Home and donated shoes for all of the children. (More on that in another post)  We have the best guests.

This past weekend, and ending today, was Buen Fin. it is the equivalent of Black Friday in the US. Four  days of sales and discounts. This is the weekend that thousands of villagers from the outlying area of Acapulco come to town to buy their largr items (washers, dryers, mattresses and TV's etc...) as the prices are the lowest of the year. It is also Quincena, which is Pay Day which occurs here the 15th and 30th each month. this alone makes for busy times as everyone is out buying their food, supplies and needs for the next 2 weeks.

It is also a regular Puente this past weekend as well.  Here in Mexico about every 2-4 weeks they have a Puente or Vacation time where banks close, people get off work, school is out and they go to the beach for the weekend.  (Acapulco) This past weekend, through today, is November vacations which means an extra 100,000 - 150,000 people in Acapulco. 100% Hotel occupancy this past weekend. Casa Giovanna had a 90% occupancy rate this past weekend.


As if all that wasn't enough Wednesday November 20th is Revolution Day here in Mexico (another Puente where banks, schools, etc are closed) and there is a Celebration today and Wednesday here in Acapulco.

The Dia de Revolucion en Mexico is November 20th but is being Celebrated as a Federal Holiday today November 18th.  Here in Acapulco that means a celebration at the Bandera (Main Flag) in the middle of Santa Lucia Bay and a parade down the Costera Miguel Aleman.

This is the busiest weekend of the year as to the number of people visiting Acapulco and this year has been no different. Casa Giovanna Acapulco invites you to visit us and stay with us and enjoy all that Acapulco has to offer.

The Norwegian Cruise Lines JOY arrived in Acapulco, MX this morning.  (Thursday October 17, 2019) See the NCL JOY in action on this Youtube video.

     Rated the 10th largest Cruise ship in the world, according to a CNN article from December 2018, with a passenger capacity of 3,883 and a crew of 1821, The NCL Joy had it's Maiden Voyage in 2017. The ship is which is 1,094 feet long and 136 feet wide weighs in at 167,725 gross tons or 375,704,000 pounds. 

     This is the 4th cruise ship of the 2019-2020 season in Acapulco, MX.

These pictures were taken from the upper terrace at Casa Giovanna Acapulco. You can reserve your room for your next vacation on our website.


The 13th Annual La NAO International Festival comes to Acapulco Octobre 19-26, 2019.

Celebrating all of the arts with a rich history of local and International musicians, artist, authors, actors and many other artists, the 13th Annual Nao Festival comes to Acapulco October 1+-26.  Below are some of the events scheduled.  come join the fun. 


Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do, and what you'll find is that you can overcome anything.


The largest Acapulco Cruise Ship to arrive in recent years is here in Acapulco today! The Norwegian Bliss arrived in the port of Santa Lucia Bay in Acapulco this morning. The ship has a capacity of 4,004 passengers and was built in 2018.

The Norwegian Bliss Acapulco Cruise Ship

The cruise ship comes into port during the important Tianguis Touristica, which is Mexico's Annual Tourism conference being held in Acapulco this week. Representatives from over 45 Countries are here to see what all of Mexico, and specifically Acapulco have to offer travelers.

Tianguis Touristica

Come enjoy all that Acapulco has yo offer and if you need help getting a Temporary or Permanent Residence Visa to stay in Mexico visit www.MexicoHelper.com for many guidance articles and other resources concerning Information on Moving To Mexico.

MexicoHelper.com - Information on Moving To Mexico

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Celebrating Birthday's is a big deal. In Mexico, an Acapulco Birthday Party is no different. I was invited to a 5 year old's Birthday Party the other day and these are a few of the photos. All the neighborhood kids show up with a small gift and an appetite for fun.

Chocolate Fountain - Acapulco Birthday Party
Acapulco Chocolate Fountain with Marshmallows and Fresh Strawberries - Acapulco Birthday Party
Globos - Acapulco Birthday Party
Globos - Acapulco Birthday Party
Food & Gift table - Acapulco Birthday Party
Food & Gift Table - Acapulco Birthday Party
The Birthday Girl and Her Mother - Acapulco Birthday Party
Some of The Kids - Acapulco Birthday Party
Some Of the Kids - Acapulco Birthday Party
Chocolate Coverd Marshmallows - Acapulco Birthday Party
Chocolate covered Marshmallows - Acapulco Birthday Party
Chocolate Fountain - Acapulco Birthday Party
Chocolate Fountain - Acapulco Birthday Party
Balloon Fun - Acapulco Birthday Party
The Piñata - Acapulco Birthday Party
The Piñata - Acapulco Birthday Party

It was a pleasure to be invited to the Birthday Party in Coloso a suburb of Acapulco where I lived for 1 year. the people are so friendly and giving! Happy Birthday Ani!

Come stay at Casa Giovanna and this would be your view of the World today! https://CasaGiovannaAcapulco.com 

The Crystal Serenity Cruise Ship from Crystal Cruises arrived in port in Acapulco at 7am this morning. Acapulco Cruise Ship arrivals have increased over the past 4 years. Today's arrival marks the 5th Cruise Ship of the 2018-2019 Season.

Acapulco Cruise Ship arrival Crystal Serenity
Crystal Serenity arrives in Acapulco

Come visit Acapulco and enjoy one of the World's most Beautiful Bay's! From the World famous La Quebrada Cliff Divers, World Class Cuisine and Accommodations to Eco-Friendly Roqueta Island - Acapulco has something for everyone.

The 12th Annual La NAO International Festival comes to Acapulco, Mexico November 10-17, 2018. A yearly celebration starting at the Historic Fuerte De San Diego which guarded Santa Lucia Bay in Acapulco where Spanish Galleon Ships sailed to Asia. Celebrating the Cultural exchanges between Acapulco, Mexico, Korea, China, Japan and the Philippines the NAO Acapulco International Festival features music, arts and conferences for 8 days.

MUSIC at the 12th Annual NAO International Festival

Here is a Program Guide for all of the events during the Festival.

Download NAO Complete Program GUIDE

Come visit Acapulco during the 12th Annual NAO international Festival and Experience the Magic!

The Regent Seven Seas Mariner docked into port this morning. It is the third cruise ship of the season arriving in Acapulco for the 2018-2019 Season. The ship is carrying 700+ passengers and 462 crew members on this voyage. Operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises, The Seven Seas Mariner has been to Acapulco many times during the past few years.

Acapulco Cruise Ship - Regent Seven Seas Mariner in Acapulco!
Regent Seven Seas Mariner in Acapulco!

This picture was taken from the King Size Suite Terrace at CasaGiovannaAcapulco.com!

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FIDETUR Acapulco the local tourism board is promoting the First National Festival of Mini Basketball that is scheduled to be held in Acapulco February 21-24, 2019. It promises fun for the whole family. Mini Basketball Acapulco, Mexico is designed for Children 11-12 years old, both boys and girls are encouraged to participate.

Mini Basketball Acapulco, Mexico

The event will be held at the Krystal Beach Hotel on the Costera Miguel Aleman in Acapulco. You can find more information by calling Acapulco 744-485-5050.

Sounds like a fun time for all!

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